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Advice and Support

Joining the Plumbers Union is the best thing you can do to protect your rights at work. You will receive specialist advice and assistance and have a voice at the table during enterprise bargaining negotiations. 

If you have any questions please call (07) 3844 8433.

Recovery of Wages and Entitlements

The Union has dedicated significant resources to the recovery of wages and entitlements on behalf of its members - another reason why your union membership is invaluable. If you are concerned that you may not be receiving the correct wages and entitlements, or that you may not have been in the past, please contact the Union Office.

Better Wages and Conditions

Union members are in a stronger position to gain higher wages and conditions through collective bargaining. Superior wage increases plus many extra benefits mean being part of the Plumbers Union is a wise investment in your future.

To see the current EBA's click here.

Workplace Health and Safety

The Union's top priority is to ensure the safety of its members at work. Not only do we aim to protect you at work, but we proactively provide you with information to assist you in the prevention of illness and injury.

If you have any issues contact the office on (07) 3844 8433.

Industry Representation

The Union works proactively and co-operatively with employer groups when it comes to deciding things like wage increases, improved safety conditions, wage or industrial disputes, tool allowances or other benefits.


The Union works in conjunction with the QBCC to ensure compliance with licensing requirements for members working in local authorities.


If you are a financial member of the Union you may be eligible for travel insurance at no extra cost (up to 75 years of age).

Travel insurance covers you, your accompanying spouse/de-facto and dependent children when travelling for more than 250km from your usual place of residence within Australia or overseas for up to 90 days.

Please register before you travel so that you can be helped right away in the case of an emergency situation.  Click on the link below to register online for travel insurance or call Windsor Management Insurance Brokers for assistance on (03) 9663 2411 or email


Travel Insurance Form

 Travel Policy

Whilst the travel insurance is comprehensive it may not meet your needs, therefore you should obtain your own financial product advice and consider the QBE Leisure Travel Insurance (Group Policy) policy wording which outlines the policy terms, conditions, exclusions and limits of cover and is available by contacting Windsor Management Insurance Brokers on (03) 9663 2411 or you can download a copy here.

QBE Assist – 24/7 Worldwide Medical & Emergency Assistance

In case of an emergency, contact QBE Assist from anywhere in the work, 24 hours a day.




How to Lodge a Claim?

To lodge a claim, please download a claim form and send it to Windsor Management Insurance Brokers. Please remember to obtain all relevant documentation (from the country where the incident occurred) to assist the claims process. 

Windsor Management Insurance Brokers

Telephone:  +61 3 9663 2411             Fax:  +61 3 9663 4288             Email:




Discounted Banking

As a member of Plumbers Union Qld, you have access to a range of simple, transparent banking products from ME Bank. ME Bank is a licensed Australian bank, owned by some of Australia’s leading Industry Super Funds and was formed to provide great value in financial services to their members. 
Your Plumbers Union Qld membership gives you access to a discounted home loan with the Super Members Standard Variable Rate Home Loan. You’ll benefit from a discounted variable interest rate and won’t pay an application fee, any ongoing account keeping fees or fees to fix, split or top up the loan. The discounted rate and low fees can really make a difference to how much you’ll pay over the life of the loan.
Other products available from ME Bank include the Online Savings Account, the InterestME Savings Account (a two-in-one transaction and savings account), Term Deposits, the First Home Saver Account, a low rate Personal Loan and the low rate MasterCard.
For more information about ME Bank, or to arrange an appointment with a Mobile Banking Manager call 13 15 63 today or visit
Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply. Applications for credit are subject to approval. This information does not take into account your situation and you should consider if these products are appropriate for you. Before you make any decisions about the First Home Saver Account you should review the Product Disclosure Statement and Terms and Conditions available from Members Equity Bank Pty Ltd ABN 56 070 887 679.


Wills and Legal Advice

Wills and legal advice are available for financial members of the Union and their partner through the Union's solicitors Hall Payne.

Please go to:

Please contact the Union Office for the password.

Child Care Subsidy

In the event of the death of a members’ spouse, financial members can access assistance with child care payments for up to two years.

Portable Long Service

QLeave is a scheme designed to allow members to access portable long service leave. The scheme allows workers to accrue long service leave benefits for eligible work performed in the building and construction industry, regardless of the number of employers they have.

For any enquiries please contact Qleave on 1800 803 491.


Members can access expert assistance and advice at no cost from experienced counsellors who can help deal with personal/family relationship difficulties, drug and alcohol issues or any other problems members may be facing. Counselling is confidential and free and available to all members.

For Information please call (07) 3844 8433 or head to the Mates in Construction website

Funeral Benefit

Financial members and their immediate family (up to the age of 75) are covered by a $12,000 funeral benefit from 1 July 2019 and a $10,000 benefit if the date of death is pre-July 1 2019 (conditions apply - contact the Union Office for details). This benefit is through BERT and you must complete the claim form. Download the forms here and call the office for more details. 

Claim form

We recommend Integrity Funerals, who will deal directly with us to have your claim proccessed, you can contact them on 1800 446 834.

Union Shopper

Union Shopper is a 100% union-owned organisation that utilises the collective bargaining power of unions across Australia to provide great benefits and savings to members and their families.

 Our major products and services include:

    Electrical & whitegoods
    Motor vehicles & accessories
    Computers, cameras & office equipment
    Insurance & professional services
    Travel & accommodation
    Leisure & entertainment
    Gifts & shopping
    Food & drink
    House & garden
    Personal, health & beauty
    Sports, fitness & hobbies

Union Shopper strives to save members as much as we can through sheer buying power, and we encourage all members and their families to take advantage of the service as often as possible.

To find out more about the Union Shopper service simply visit or phone us on 1300 368 117.

Sign up ( to receive Union Shopper’s regular emailed newsletters and updates, and ensure that you are the first to hear about our exclusive competitions and special offers. 

Discounted Cars - New and Used

Why spend hours trawling through car yards when the Union can do it for you. Our network includes a specialist that can source the best price for your next new or used car. Email us with your desired make, model and year and let us not only take the worry out of finding you that car but also ensure we get you the best possible price on the deal.

Dental Cover

Financial members and their immediate family (up to the age of 70) are covered for dental costs associated with any accidental damage caused to their teeth. Download a claim form here

Financial Planning

Financial members can access free financial planning advice to help achieve financial and lifestyle goals. To arrange an appointment with a qualified financial planner who will provide you with a personalised financial plan, contact the Union office on (07) 3844 8433, for a referral.